Oral histories

Click on the image to hear extracts from the person’s oral history. If you want to hear unedited versions please visit London Metropolitan Archives (www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/LMA) where they are available in our Mediatheque.

  • Tony Malone

    Tony Malone

    Design work for LGBT organisations: Schools Out. LGBT History Month. London Gay Men’s Chorus. Kings Cross Steelers. Being gay and wanting kids. Lesbian and gay Scout leaders.
  • Tim Pryor

    Tim Pryor

    Telling girlfriend and parents about being gay. Being arrested for (not) cottaging on Putney tow path.
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    Donald West

    Gay London in the 1950s. The A&B Club. Biograph cinema. Speakers Corner. Writing a book on Homosexuality. Aversion Therapy.
  • Savi Hensman

    Savi Hensman

    Combining her Christian faith with her sexuality. Working at the Black Lesbian and Gay Centre. Being chair of LGCM (Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement).
  • Ruth Rose

    Ruth Rose

    Being transgendered in London in the 1950s and 1960s. Growing up and marrying as transgendered.
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    Pat Dungey

    Kenric. Jackie Foster. Silvermoon bookshop.
  • Jean T

    Jean T

    Women’s Aid, Camden. Boy children. Sex shop attacks. Lesbian nightlife in the 1980s - The Drill Hall. The Duke of Wellington. The Angel. The Wow Bar. Ace of Clubs. Venus Rising.
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    Michelle Ross

    Working at THT (Terence Higgins Trust) counselling trans people. Setting up CliniQ, a sexual health service for trans people. Trans Remembrance Day. April Ashley.
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    Martha Lewis

    Being a Greek Cypriot Londoner. Performing in the Eurovision Song Contest. Having to defend being bisexual to both male and female partners and to lesbians. Being bisexual in the music industry.
  • Louise Carolin

    Louise Carolin

    Student lesbian and gay politics in the late 1980’s. Coming out again as bisexual. Deputy editor at Diva. Bi visibility in Diva.
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    Hearing about gay pride and finding Ugandan Asylum seekers on the march. Finding a gay church (MCC) and an LGBT asylum group.
  • Elizabeth Woodcraft

    Elizabeth Woodcraft

    Dealing with lesbian legal issues as a barrister. Representing Greenham Common women in court. Lesbian custody cases. Radical feminists and Socialist feminists.
  • Charlie Kiss

    Charlie Kiss

    Life before and after transitioning. Greenham Common. Rackets. Martina’s. Sisterwrite. The term ‘Queer’. Green Party work on Intersex rights.
  • Barbara

    Barbara Johnson-Juma

    Coming to London from the north. Being married to a man and realising that she was a lesbian. Challenges of being Black and gay. Being out at work. Kenric.
  • Paul Allchin

    Paul Allchin

    Thoughts on bisexuality. The Bi Group at Heaven. The Colherne. London Friend. Support from the Quakers.
  • Jane Cholmeley

    Jane Cholmeley

    The Birth of Silvermoon Bookshop. Collective principles versus capitalistic hierarchy in bookselling. Politics behind the Silvermoon Café.
  • Stephen Woodland

    Stephen Woodland

    Growing up as a girl, thinking he was a boy. The process of transitioning. The Gender Identity Clinic. Fond memories of Charing Cross Hospital.
  • Ted Brown

    Ted Brown

    Growing up gay and Black. Telling his mother that he was gay. First GLF (Gay Liberation Front) meetings in London. Living in a GLF commune. Campaign against Buji Banton’s homophobic lyrics.
  • Reubs Walsh

    Reubs Walsh

    Growing up queer and transgender. LGCM (Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement). Transgender people at work. Thoughts on binary gender definitions. London Pride.
  • Mike Harth

    Mike Harth

    The 1967 Act. Being arrested in a sauna. Police entrapment. Thoughts on Pride in the 1970s. Straight people’s prejudice against gays.
  • D. J. Ritu

    D. J. Ritu

    Lesbian Line. Discussion group at Gays the Word. Shakti – the first South Asian Lesbian and Gay group.
  • Christie Elan-Cane

    Christie Elan-Cane

    Campaign for Non-Gendered identity. Deciding upon the term Non-Gendered. Views on the Gender Recognition Act. X passports.
  • Charlotte Cooper

    Charlotte Cooper

    Definition of queer. SM Dykes. Punk Dykes. Della Grace. SM Bi Group. ‘Fat and Proud’ book. Disappearing queer spaces around Stratford.
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    Clubs in the 1960s: The A&B, The Chepstow, The Salisbury, The Gigolo. Gay Dad’s Club.
  • Bob Cant

    Bob Cant

    GLF (Gay Liberation Front). Consciousness Raising groups. Gay Teachers Group. John Warburton Case. Setting up a gay group in ATTI Union. Gay Left. Gay rights in unions.

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